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Maximize the potential of your inventory with multi-platform monetization.

Empowering content creators and sellers to elevate monetization strategies with data-driven insights.


Boost your revenue by 47% with cutting-edge Monetization Strategies

Monetization services incorporate analytics and optimization, powered by our proprietary platform. This includes an ad-serving solution with integrated demand sources, offering direct client access to analytics insights and optimization opportunities

Our solution allows publishers to connect and monetize their inventory by providing access to multiple premium demand sources that will compete in real-time, yielding higher CPMs and fill rates across all screens.

Proprietary Tech

Easy Access to your Analytics and Insights.

Cutting-Edge Proprietary Technology

Harness the power of advanced analytics through our proprietary tech.

Real-Time Transparency

Gain instant insights with a live dashboard for unparalleled transparency.

Data-Driven Clarity

Advanced analytics and real-time data for informed decision-making.


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us help you find the perfect solution.

Our blend of human expertise and advanced AI optimizes your campaigns to ensure that you make the most out of your inventory.

Expert Account Management

Unleash optimization prowess, and nuanced decision making with a dedicated, skilled account management team.

AI-Driven Enhancement

Elevate results through AI-powered insights that support optimization, efficiency, and ROI.

Dynamic Optimization Duo

A seamless blend of AI with a personable human touch for unparalleled success.

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Empower your Digital Strategies with our comprehensive Media Solutions

CTV App Development

Engage Audiences, Monetize your content, and reach new heights with connected TV.

Digital Marketing

Leverage our expertise in programmatic advertising and ad serving.

Website Development

Build an engaging online presence to complement your business and highlight your core values and services.


Design seamless and intuitive user experiences for your web and mobile apps to captivate audience and users.

Branding & Design

A strong brand is more than just a pretty face. Create a strong brand identity for your business.

Lead Generation

Close the loop on lead generation with full-service lead generation services from Blockgem Media.

Block GEM is a full service digital media  company headquartered in Dubai, UAE.


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Digital Marketing

Market and advertise your business using online based digital technologies

Display Advertisement

Efficently target websites, app and social media platforms with digital display ads

OTT Advertisement

Directly advertise your business to viewers through streaming devices and services

Branding Identity

Starting a new company or require a facelift? Together we'll capture your company's vision

Marketing Campaigns

Create an outcome-driven journey for your customers using various funnels to ensure conversions

Multimedia Services

From graphic design to video production, create visually appealing marketing content

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Fast track your presence to world while increasing engagement, conversions and digital value.